The Human Tradition in the Black Atlantic

03/04/2011 23:38

Livro organizado em colaboração com Karen Racine (University of Guelph, Canadá) composto de biografias de africanos e descendentes de africanos, do século XVI ao XX. Mais detalhes aqui.

Capa do livro, imagem: foto Jogo de Capoeira, de Maurice GautherotÍndice:

  • Introduction: People in the Making of the Black Atlantic
    Beatriz G. Mamigonian and Karen Racine
  • Alonso de Illescas (1530s–1580s): African, Ladino, and Maroon Leader in Colonial Ecuador
    Charles Beatty Medina
  • Gregoria López (1680s): A Mexican Mulata Defends Her Honor
    Aaron P. Althouse
  • Philip Quaque (1741–1816): African Anglican Missionary on the Gold Coast
    Ty M. Reese
  • Harry Washington (1760s–1790s): A Founding Father’s Slave
    Cassandra Pybus
  • Rufino José Maria (1820s–1850s): A Muslim in the Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Slave Trade Circuit
    João José Reis, Flávio dos Santos Gomes and Marcus J. M. de Carvalho
  • Buenaventura Lucumí (1820s–1872): African Slave, Head of a Household, and Lottery Winner in Cuba
    Aisnara Perera Díaz and María de los Ángeles Meriño Fuentes
  • Blaise Diagne (1872–1934): Senegal’s Deputy to the French National Assembly
    Hilary Jones
  • Phyllis Ann Edmeade (1920s): Caribbean Migrant Worker Deported from the United States
    Lorna Biddle Rinear
  • C. L. R. James (1901–1989): The Black Jacobin
    Jerome Teelucksingh
  • Robert Robinson (1930s): Celebrity Worker in the USSR
    Meredith L. Roman
  • Vicente Ferreira Pastinha (1889–1981): The “Angolan” Tradition of Capoeira
    Maya Talmon-Chvaicer
  • Malcolm X (1925–1965): A Pan-African Revolutionary
    Alan Bloom
  • Romare Bearden (1911-1988): Artist, Intellectual, Activist
    Sally Price and Richard Price
  • Suggested Readings by Topic
  • Selected Filmography on the Black Atlantic